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much of our work centres around the provision of completely new roofing packages for both new build, residential and commercial properties...

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Every roof will eventually succumb to the effects of age and the weather, and sooner or later you're likely to experience problems, so where here to resolve your roof...

Flat Roofs

Our specialist fitters are competent with all types of flat roof systems, we are Rubberbond approved fitters. Repairs and replacements are no trouble...

Roof Assured Sika SarnafilSarnafil Approved

Sarnafil (Sarna) is a single ply membrane with a life expectancy
of over 40 years. Only approved installers can fit this product
and J.A.L Roofing have completed the rigorous course to
supply this product to our customers.

The product can be either mechanically fixed or adhered.
The membrane is heat welded together at the joints forming
one large membrane.

To avoid any membrane turning up at the edges, Sarna is mechanically fixed at all edges with a 'Sarnabar' and the flashing is welder over the top of this trim.

The lead grey colour can be laid with decorative rolls to give the imitation of a lead roof. This looks so good it has been accepted on conservation work.

If you wish to request a quotation then please contact J.A.L Roofing Ltd through the contact page and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

Sarnafil Sarnafil