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Solar Panels – Solar PV Systems

If you are looking for a Solar PV installation, JAL is the award winning company in the East Midlands!!. We recently won the ‘Energy Efficiency Regional Installer and Contractor of the year 2024’ so you can be sure you are in the hands of experts. JAL Roofing has its own dedicated Solar PV division, ‘JAL Solar’.

Solar Panel Installation   

Local Solar Panel installers in Derby, Derbyshire, and the surrounding area.

Here at J.A.L Roofing Ltd we have completed the MCS accreditation to install Solar PV systems and have developed our new Solar division ‘J.A.L Solar’.

J.A.L Solar will design and install your new energy-saving system.

Why choose a solar panel installation

In 2021 there were 61,000 PV installations which was a rise of 71.5% compared to 2020 with a 600% increase in solar panel enquiries. The more electricity prices increase the more this figure will increase as people look for ways to save money on their energy bills.

Like never before, a Solar PV installation is more affordable than ever. This is helped by the government making VAT zero-rated for the next five years. An average system would be around £5K with a payback of around 8 years possibly less.

The more electricity prices increase, the more attractive the prospect of a Solar PV installation can be.

We can design a standard Solar PV system for you, and if you use most of your electricity in the evening, we can advise and design the system with Battery Storage as well.

Contact J.A.L Roofing

If you are considering having solar panels installed, get in touch today for a free inspection and quote. Below is one of our potential offers (Subject to Site Survey). The price below includes a basic two storey scaffold cost. Click on the offer below, fill out the contact form and one of our dedicated staff will get back to you to find out your specific requirements

Solar panels fitted to a new roof or retrofitted to an existing one

Solar PV systems can be installed as part of a re-roof or even retrofitted. There are ‘In Roof’ systems and ‘On Roof’ systems.

The ‘In Roof’ system would be a PV system where the panels sit in the roof and tiles are fitted around the panels. Some people prefer the look of these types of systems compared to a traditional ‘On Roof’ system.

If you are interested in a Solar PV system, please get in touch and we can put a no-obligation proposal together for you and can advise you on whether Solar PV is a viable option for you. We will just need to know the following points that will help us build your proposal.

  • Energy Provider
  • Current rate (pence/kW)
  • Estimated Annual Usage

With this information and a site survey, JAL Solar can get your proposal together and help get you on your way to saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.